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ruhecity's Journal

Ruhe City
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ruhecity is a AU Asian Entertainment Roleplay community. It focuses on both discussion and roleplay centered play. It is an LJ based rp.

Welcome citizens of Ruhe, Germany.

Ruhe City is a bustling university city in Germany, located between Berlin and Leipzig. It has a smaller town feel with the city accommodations and it's close enough to Berlin and Leipzig for weekend trips to the really big city attractions.

What will you be? What is your history? Who are you? Show us and forge a life in Ruhe City.

Rules and Claiming


1. No Bullying.
2. Members are required to make 2 to 3 posts a month. At least one discussion post to the community and one aimed at sceneing either on their journal or the community if desired for a group roleplay. If sceneing is done via AIM then a log must be posted.
3. Filtered posting is allowed but mod journal must be added for it to count towards activity.
4. Make sure you have thought through your character profile, history, etc. Make sure that it is realistic. God-like characters will not be allowed. Your character is not a celebrity in this game.
5. No God-modding/metagaming. This will be basis for getting banned if we have to repeatedly warn you or get repeated complaints.
6. It is required that all members friend each other (again, filtered posting is allowed within reason). here is a quick add option.
7. Post Hiatuses and Drops to the community labeled clearly.


Subject Line: CLAIM: name of character

How did you find out about this comm?
Your timezone:
Character and their LJ: name - username
What nationality are they?
Are they an actor, model, musician or athlete?
What is your character doing in Germany? What's a bit of their history? What do they want to do? (Please put this behind an lj cut)

[If you want to give as many details as you can think of, that's a good thing. We maintain however, that the important thing is we should know 1) how old they are, 2) what they do for a living or if they're still going to school and 3) what they do in their spare time. We also suggest you save your claim posts in your memories so you can cross-check it from time to time to avoid deviating from the character you've set for your claim. It's just being practical, we don't want any issues to rise up because of something like this so... ^_^;;]

Preferred RP style: paragraph? *action* form? over LJ or over IM?

[We mostly do paragraph over LJ but if that intimidates you a little, feel free to contact the mods and we'll be glad to help.]

Extra info in case you forgot anything: